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AED Program

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Interested in the AED Program? You can download the application right here on our site.

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The Heart Hospital of New Mexico Foundation offers first responder technology to aid in the prevention of premature death in the event of sudden cardiac arrest. The AED units are about the size of a laptop computer. It provides an analysis of abnormalities in the heart’s rhythm and if required, can direct the user to deliver an electrical shock through the use of the AED, to the victim. This defibrillation (shock) may help the heart to establish an effective rhythm.

Seconds really do count in an emergency.

In the past year between 250,000-400,000* Americans died of sudden cardiac arrest, and nearly 50,000 of these deaths were preventable, if someone had started the Cardiac Chain of Survival, and if an Automated External Defibrillator had been available for immediate use at the times of emergency.

Through our program, qualifying businesses and organizations may apply with the Foundation for an AED unit. Through our partnership with the American Heart Association initial training will be provided for up to 8 employees/participants as part of the Heart Hospital of New Mexico Foundation’s AED Program.

AED Placement

RCI                                                                     1 unit

JCC                                                                     1 unit (One Live Saved)

Endorphin Power                                            1 unit

Roadrunner Food Bank                                 1 unit

NM Mounted Search and Rescue                1 unit

St. Theresa School                                           1 unit

Church of the Incarnation                             1 unit

Edgewood Police Department                      2 units

Promise Community Church                        1 unit

Hope Christian School                                   1 unit

Milan Volunteer Fire Department               1 unit

Faith Lutheran Church                                  1 unit

Risen Savior Catholic Church                       1 unit

Santa Fe County Administration                     1 unit

Forest Meadow Baptist Church                       1 unit

St. Johns United Methodist Church                1 unit

Menaul School                                                    1 unit

Martinez Town                                                    1 unit

City of Eunice                                                       4 units

UNM’s EMS Consortium                                    2 units

New Mexico General services                           1 unit

Torrance County                                                  1 unit

San Juan Lodge                                                    1 unit

St. John’s Baptist Church                                   1 unit

Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary                 1 unit

New Mexico State Police- 100 vehicles redeployed w/batteries & pads


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