Milagros de las Mujeres

Women's Health Fair

We all know women’s health is not just about the body, it includes the Mind, Body and Spirit. For that reason the Foundation will be offering a day to educate, enlighten and empower women. Please come out and support the Heart Hospital of New Mexico Foundation on June 6th for a day of fun, laughter and educational awareness at the Isleta Casino Golf Club (Across the Highway just west of the casino).

June 6th, 2014  •  10am-4pm           For SPONSORSHIP PACKAGES click HERE

What to look forward to!

All the great things the event offers...


Mainstay Financial
Vessel Health
Hormone and Anti-aging Center
Cake Fetish
Isleta Spa
Embassy Suites Spa
Pampered Chef
St. Clair Winery
Cake Fetish


Cyndi Bleicher – Mainstay Financial
Tom White – Hormone and Anti – Aging Center
Michelle Ratliff PA, DOM – Nutrition, Health and Inflammation
Deanna Fisher BS, – Nutrition, Health and Inflammation
Harvey White, MD – Vessel Health
Charlyn Hudson – Atherotech


Body Age Analysis
Vessel Health
The VAP Lipid Panel
Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD)
Lovelace Medical
Heel Scan- Osteoporosis
Lovelace Medical
Blood Pressure
Lovelace Medical Center
Hydration and Body Fat
Hormone and Anti-Aging Ctr.

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