A few days ago, most of the world did not know 17-year-old Claire Crawford.

That was before more than 12 million people watched a video of her dying and being brought back to life on a volleyball court.

The video from Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta and Claire’s story have sparked a conversation about the life-saving importance of having automated external defibrillators at all schools. “We had two games that night. I was in a lot of pain which I was used to, because I’d been playing in pain the entire season.”

Claire had already had shoulder surgery, but the pain was still there the night of October 13th at Loganville Christian Academy. In video taken by her dad, who had set up a camera on a tripod, Claire is seen rubbing the left side of her upper chest, clearly in pain.

Julie Sirmans, the dean of the lower school at Loganville Christian and a volleyball mom herself, chokes up talking about Claire that night. “You could tell she was laboring somewhat, but Claire just has the heart of a champion, and she’s just going to keep playing.”

Eric Crawford was right there next to the court, scoring his daughter’s game. “I was sitting at the scorer’s table keeping score for the game, and I just heard a loud thud.”

Mom Lisa just remembers, “I think we just started yelling for help.”

“You had a feeling of helplessness,” Eric remembers. There were people there immediately, springing into action, going to work.


USA Today Network Jaye Watson, WXIA-TV, Atlanta 9:56 a.m. EST February 5, 2016